From Tidewater To The Shenandoah: Snapshots From Virginia's Rich Baseball Legacy

by David Driver and Lacy Lusk

This unique book is a look at the past, present, and future of baseball in Virginia, a state which has produced five Hall of Famers and several World Series stars. It also looks at the history of minor league baseball in the big cities of Norfolk and Richmond, as well as smaller cities such as Lynchburg, Salem, and Fredericksburg. In addition, the book looks at what makes Virginia unique with amateur leagues that have been around for decades, including the Valley Baseball League and the Rockingham County Baseball League, which began in 1924.

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Hoop Dreams in Europe: American Basketball Players Building Careers Overseas

by David S. Driver

Author David Driver has interviewed American basketball players in Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, France, England, Belgium, Russia, Serbia, Portugal, Poland and Spain. Mike Barber/Richmond Times-Dispatch on Hoop Dreams in Europe: "It isn't the NBA or bust for American college players looking to make their living playing professional basketball. Finding a team, and sometimes a home, in a foreign country has been the path for many a former NCAA star. Himself a seasoned world traveler and vivid sports storyteller, David Driver takes us along for the adventure as these ballers keep hooping across the ocean in an effort to never give up their dribble. Driver serves up the flavor – on and off the court – of what life playing internationally is really all about in a book any fan of basketball or travel will enjoy."

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